EUGIC 2019 Programme

EUGIC 2019 London themes and programme outline

Cities – people – need nature. Nature is nurture – cooling, cleaning and caring for us and our cities.

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Find session locations on the plans at entrances to Plexal, Loughborough and UCL.


EUGIC 2019 London programme outline

DAY 1 | 9.00am – 7.00pm | 10 April 2019 

9.00am | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 1 | Welcome to EUGIC 2019 London

Conference Chair Jim McClelland Founder of Sustmeme

Michael White of EUGIC 2019 London Platinum Sponsors Polypipe

Dusty Gedge, Founder of, co-founder of EUGIC, Director of The Green Infrastructure Consultancy, President of the EFB European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations, member of the EU Working Group on Ecosystem Services and Green Infrastructure | Welcome to EUGIC in London

Shirley Rodrigues London Deputy Mayor for Environment & Energy | Opening address, launch of the 10 year review of the London 2008 living roofs and walls policy

9.30am | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 2 | Setting the Europe scene – climate change adaptation, nature and resilient cities


10.30am | Break and EUGIC 2019 London Exhibition


11.00am | Plexal Centre Stage | Welcome by Event Co-hosts


11.10am | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 3 | Delivering nature-based solutions in cities

Chair Jim McClelland Sustmeme


12.15pm | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 4 | Intro to Industry Speed Dating: Speedy intros and invitations to afternoon workshops

Polypipe, GreenBlue Urban, Deeproot Urban, Bridgman and Bridgman, Greenpass, Greengage, Scotscape, Green Infrastructure Consultancy, Grass Roof Company/Green Roof Shelters

12.30pm | Lunch and EUGIC 2019 London Exhibition

2.00pm | Session 5 | Industry Speed Dating

Interactive workshops and discussions to meet the industry supply chain, helping to deliver urban green infrastructure. Discuss your projects and ideas and discover products and services to help you flourish. 

  • Michael White, Marketing and Development Director, Polypipe | Plexal Centre Stage
  • Howard Gray, Technical Adviser, GreenBlue Urban | Lboro Ground Floor Auditorium
  • Chris Bridgman, Managing Director, Bridgman and Bridgman | UCL Ground Floor Auditorium
  • John Little, Director, Grass Roof Company & Green Roof Shelters | Lboro 1st Floor Room 102
  • Steve Chatwin-Grindey, General Manager, Deeproot Urban | Lboro 1st Floor Room 104
  • Morgan Taylor, Head of Ecology, Greengage | Lboro 2nd Floor Room 205 | Green Infrastructure delivery gap, and monitoring findings at Elephant Park
  • Niall McEvoy, Business Development Manager, Scotscape | Lboro 2nd Floor Room 206/7
  • Florian Kraus, CEO, GREENPASS | UCL 1st Floor BREI Lecture Theatre 1 | GREENPASS modelling tool for Green Infrastructure design and Urban Greening Factor
  • Gary Grant, Director, Green Infrastructure Consultancy | UCL 1st Floor BREI Lecture Theatre 2 | Green Infrastructure and Urban Greening Factor in urban planning


2.45pm | Break and EUGIC 2019 London Exhibition


3.15pm | Session 6 | The Horizon 2020 Session

EU-funded programmes and projects to share findings on strategies, concepts and implementation greening Europe’s cities.

Including Horizon 2020 projects URBAN GreenUPNature 4 Cities, Naturvation, Grow GreenCLEVER Cities and ReNature

3.15pm | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 6A | The EU-funded H2020 Programme for Nature-Based Solutions for Cities – collaborative processes across Europe to green cities for climate change adaptation, resilience and health – an overview of aims, delivery, advocacy, research and communication processes, with reference to some of key projects

Panel discussion chaired by McKenna Davis Ecologic Institute Berlin 


3.50pm | Find your Horizon 2020 Project workshop


4.00pm | Session 6B | Horizon 2020 Projects in workshops

Plexal Centre Stage |  CLEVER Cities Nicola Murphy-Evans Greater London Authority, Christine Doherty Derry Strabane Council | CLEVER Cities: how can nature provide solutions to urban challenges and help create much more livable neighbourhoods? How GI/NBS can be used to support social integration, mental health and wellbeing and community mobilisation?

Lboro Ground Floor Auditorium  |  Nature4Cities Robin Dagois Chargé de Mission, Plante & Cité, France | Dedicated to supporting integration of nature-based solutions in urban planning, the Nature4Cities program gathers 27 European partners to give feedback and understanding on solutions to contend with well-known urban challenges. One of the first goals was to establish a complete inventory of solutions to promote ecosystem services and balance urban challenges. Concepts were compared with practical examples to help define and classify nature-based solutions. The resulting inventory is multi-thematic, multi-scalar and mixes strategic and technical solutions. It sets out more than 74 nature-based solutions types with their definition, relation to and impact on urban challenges, and their technical, financial and governance aspects.

Lboro 1st Floor Room 102 | Naturvation Dr Laura Tozer University of Durham, UK  

UCL Ground Floor Auditorium  |  URBAN GreenUP Raúl Sánchez and Nuria García CARTIF Foundation, Spain 

UCL 1st Floor BREI Lecture 1  | GrowGreen Catherine Fallon Landscape Architect, Manchester City Council 

UCL 1st Floor BREI Lecture 2 |  ReNature Dr Mario Balzán Institute of Applied Sciences, MCAST Malta ReNature: Promoting research excellence in nature-based solutions for innovation, sustainable economic growth and human well-being in Malta


4.45pm | Back to Loughborough Foyer


5.00pm | Loughborough Foyer | Session 7 | Feedback Foyer

Chair Jim McClelland Sustmeme

Sharing today’s discoveries, lessons learnt and opportunities, with the EUGIC Support Team feeding back from workshops findings.

What’s in store tomorrow?


6.00pm Plexal Centre Stage | Session 8 | EUGIC 2019 London Awards Reception & Ceremony

Evening drinks reception generously sponsored by Plexal

Chaired by Jim McClelland Sustmeme

Francesca Lavey Head of Innovation Services, Plexal | Welcome to Plexal

Discussion and Presentation of EUGIC 2019 London Awards celebrating Europe’s urban green infrastructure projects, design visions, policies and strategies with our VIP guest presenters



DAY 2 | 9.00am – 5.30pm | 11 April 2019 

Chair Jim McClelland Founder of Sustmeme

9.00am | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 9 | Keynote address: Dusty Gedge | London – a personal perspective on the new London Green Roofs and Walls Report and some Cities around Europe

9.15am | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 10 | Cities: Where are they and where do they want to be? Cities from across Europe and beyond share strategies and projects implementing urban green infrastructure, the challenges and successes and the paths to get there. City representatives from Rotterdam, Manchester, Linz, Melbourne and London.

Chair Jim McClelland Founder of Sustmeme

and joining for the panel discussion


10.30am | Break and EUGIC 2019 London Exhibition


11.00am | Session 11 | Outside the Silos – sharing nature-based solutions between sectors

This is a new session of discussions – between landscape and building designers, biodiversity and health professionals, contractors, gardeners, green space managers and food growers – to share knowledge and experience ‘outside the silo’.

Grouping 1 | Plexal Centre Stage
Grouping 2 | Lboro Ground Floor Auditorium
Grouping 3 | UCL Ground Floor Auditorium
Grouping 4 | UCL 1st Floor BREI Lecture 1
Grouping 5 | UCL 1st Floor BREI Lecture 2
Grouping 6 | UCL 1st Floor BREI Seminar Room 2
Grouping 7 | Lboro 1st Floor Room 102
Grouping 8 | Lboro 1st Floor Room 104
  • David Mooney Development Director of the London Wildlife Trust | Delivering biodiversity on major developments in London
  • Richard Scott Director of the National Wildflower Centre | More colours than green – creative conservation futures with the Eden Project
  • Dr Maurizio Crasso Harpo and President of AIVEP the Italian Green Roof Association | Italian Green roof norms – relevant across Southern Europe and with climate change lessons to be learnt for the North
  • Clare Olver Programmes Manager, The Mersey Forest | Physical activity in green spaces as nature-based solutions to improve mental and physical health
Grouping 9 | Lboro 2nd Floor Seminar Room 206/7


12.00pm Loughborough Foyer | Session 12 | Feedback Foyer


12.30pm | Lunch and EUGIC 2019 London Exhibition


1.30pm | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 13 | The Real Estate Debate: Green Infrastructure Means Business

The challenges of adopting a green infrastructure and ecosystem services approach for developers, investors and real estate managers, and what policies, strategies and partnerships are needed, to deliver a greener urban fabric?

Chaired by Prof Andrew Edkins Director, Bartlett Real Estate Institute, UCL

Panel: Speakers from development, investment and property management, including


2.30pm | Loughborough Foyer | Break and EUGIC 2019 London Exhibition


3.00pm | Session 14 | Valuing green infrastructure – understanding the benefits of nature 

14A & 14B | Water Sensitive Cities (1)  and (2)

How do we design for nature and water, how can green infrastructure benefit water management? What are the developments delivering good water sensitive urban design? The challenges, successes and lessons learned on delivering SUDS, rain gardens, water sensitive cities… What does a water sensitive city look like from your perspective and what do we need to get there?

3.00pm | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 14A | Water Sensitive Cities (1)

Chaired by Paul Shaffer Associate, CIRIA Manager, Susdrain Programme


3.00pm | UCL Auditorium Ground Floor | Session 14B | Water Sensitive Cities (2)

Chaired by Gary Grant Director, The Green Infrastructure Consultancy


3.00pm | Lboro 1st Floor Lecture Room 104 | Session 14C | Financing nature-based solutions

What is the value of natural capital and where is the money coming from to pay for it? The challenges, the successes and new finance mechanisms for green infrastructure projects and nature-based solutions. What will green infrastructure financing look like in ten years and what is needed to get there?

Chaired by Agamemnon Otero MBE Founder Energy Garden and Repowering London 


3.00pm | Lboro 2nd Floor Room 206/7 | Session 14D | Tools for monitoring and assessing green infrastructure

What tools and approaches are being used to monitor and assess green infrastructure delivery and its effectiveness for city climate adaptation? What are the challenges, successes and lessons learned and how are results used to refine the model? What tools are needed in different situations and what do we need to integrate monitoring and assessment of nature-based solutions into city management, research and industry training?

Chaired by Dusty Gedge, President EFB, Director Green Infrastructure Consultancy


4.15pm | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 15 | Communicating Urban Green Infrastructure: Putting nature at the heart of the cities and climate conversation

This is a new panel debate for 2019, with communicators changing the public’s perception and understanding of what working with nature for cities and climate change means. What makes a good conversation? What is the art of good communication? How do we use language effectively? What networks, understanding and approaches do we need, to tell the urgent city stories and help urban nature take root?

Chaired by Jim McClelland Sustmeme


5.00pm | Plexal Centre Stage | Session 16 | The London Call to Action

Chaired by Jim McClelland Sustmeme

How will EUGIC 2019 participants communicate the need for nature-based solutions and green infrastructure in cities in their worlds?

5.30pm | End of Day 2 EUGIC 2019 London