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Laura Gatti of the Bosco Verticale talks EUGIC 2017

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In the shadow of the Bosco Verticale, Laura talks EUGIC 2017…

A video interview with Laura Gatti in the shadow of the Bosco Verticale in Milan. Laura was a keynote speaker at the EUGIC Vienna 2015 conference. Laura has agreed to be a keynote speaker again at EUGIC 2017 in Budapest. Her talk will focus on her continuing work on green infrastructure on buildings. She will also set out the vision for the Green Rivers Project in Milan. This is a vision of green infrastructure across the city which has been devised by Stefanio Boeri.

Style of the EUGIC Conferences

To summarise Laura’s key point about the EUGIC series, the style of the event is what makes EUGIC work for Laura.  The programme is designed to be very interactive. Likewise It is important that delegates can be both be inspired by keynote speakers, but also interact with as many people as possible. From plenary sessions, to small workshops on specific themes networking and sharing ideas is key to the EUGIC experience.

Bosco Verticale – Milan’s inspiration is spreading around the globe.

Although the video was filmed in the shadow of the Bosco Verticale, a video of the building itself will follow soon on Furthermore, the Bosco will feature in a podcast episode of ‘Adventures in Green Infrastructure’. Stefanio Boeri and Laura Gatti are also working on further projects like the Bosco particularly in Switzerland and China.

The Greater London Authority – Green Infrastructure Vision for the City

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Peter Massini, the Principal Policy Officer for Green Infrastructure at the Greater London Authority talks about the city’s strategic approach to Urban Greening. Peter Massini – The Video Peter Massini was a keynote speaking at the EUGIC Conference in Vienna in 2015.In this video he explains how London is taking UGI forward. The main thrust

Some Post EUGIC Reflections from Ireland

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Ireland’s Aidan ffrench Green infrastructure Project Manager, Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council‘s, gives his personal reflections on the #EUGIC conference and taking forward green infrastructure in his local authority and Ireland. This is the third  post-conference reflection of a series participants at the 2015 European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) in Vienna.  As a delegate, Aidan is the

#EUGIC – a View from Ireland – from the harbour to the mountains

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Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council‘s Green infrastructure Project Manager, Aidan ffrench, gives his personal reflections on the #EUGIC conference and taking forward green infrastructure in his local authority and Ireland. This is the first video response of a series of participants from the 2015 European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) in Vienna.  The council’s slogan – from the

Malmö – Urban GI conference Reflections

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The City of Malmö’s Juliet Lidgreen gives her personal reflections on the #EUGIC conference. This is the  second of a series of responses from participants at the 2015 European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) in Vienna.  Looking back at #EUGIC 2015 what made most impact on me was: The power of one. Obviously we are stronger

Post-conference Reflections – London

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The first of a series of responses from participants at the 2015 European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) in Vienna. Here Peter Massini of the Greater London Authority gives his personal reflections on the conference. EUGIC was an important conference because it was the first where the fully-fledged concept of green infrastructure (or nature-based solutions) in

Setting out a Vision for Greener Cities in Europe

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Setting out a vision for Greener Cities in Europe, the EFB (European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations) published a White Paper and market report in 2015. As the principal sponsor of the 1st European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) in Vienna, all participants received the market report included in the conference brochure. The report itself is downloadable here

Video on the Market Report and Views from Federation Members

The EFB responding to Europe Green Infrastructure Strategy

The publication was undertaken in response to the EU’s Green Infrastructure & Ecosystem Services (GI/ES) Strategy. Commission officers intimated that a White Paper and market report would be useful for the various participants in Brussels to understand the existing market in Green Infrastructure on buildings.

The market report provides an overview of the Federation members and how our industry links to various EU strategies, from the GI/ES strategy to policies on climate change and well-being. Although there is a focus in Brussels on new innovations and businesses to drive the European economy, Europe is already a world leader in green roofs and walls. The Federation believes that we also need new innovations in approaches to cities through innovative services that develop policies and mechanisms to mainstream our industry across the whole of Europe.

The EFB Vision for European Cities

The EFB White Paper sets out a vision for green roofs and walls in Europe:

‘The European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls believes that socially, environmentally and economically, it is not unreasonable to have a vision:

For every urban citizen within the Union there will 
be 5 mof green roof or wall by 2030

Considering that two-thirds of the population of the European Union dwells in the Urban Environment, that equates to a population of 365 million people. The Federation considers that lack of urban green space in our cities can be addressed by our industry. If all urban citizens by 2030 were to have at least 5 m2 of green roofs or walls each, this would lead to an additional 1,82 Billion m2 of green roofs and walls in Europe. Using current prices, the green roof and wall market would be worth in the region of €62 Billion. Of course this figure is likely to be much higher as by 2030 the urban population will have grown further.’


The EFB helping to make cities in Europe Greener


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Welcome to the 1st Urban Green Infrastructure Conference in Vienna by Karmenu Vella – the Commissioner for Environment, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. We would like to thank the Commissioner for welcoming participants to the EUGIC conference. The Commissioner in his welcome sets out a European vision for Urban Green Infrastructure. The EU Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem

Post-conference reflections and thank you

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The EUGIC team would like to thank everyone who participated in the 1st European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference last week in Vienna. The conference far exceeded our expectations, especially in the positive responses we received from so many of you in our informal conversations over the two days. BROCHURE AND PRESENTATIONS We have also added

A vision of green infrastructure in Europe

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The vision of EUGIC is to tell the story of Urban Green Infrastucture in Europe each year. This first conference in Vienna will be the prologue to further discussion over the years to come. There are already many professionals, cities and regions that have been engaged in Green Infrastructure and ecosystem services activities over the