Conference Programme

EUGIC 2017 Budapest takes place 29-30 November 2017 at

The Akvárium, Erzsébet tér 12, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Conference Programme Overview

Nature-based solutions and urban green infrastructure are vitally important to the future of European cities and citizens. EUGIC 2017 Budapest‘s style is a dynamic, interactive and exciting mix of keynote speakers, audience discussions and group sessions, with workshops and storytelling on a wide range of urban greening topics. The latest city nature-based projects – green roofs, green walls, rain gardens, street trees and other approaches – will be on show, including a specific Horizon 2020 Projects Session. We even have Industry Speed Dating!

We are very pleased that the Chair of EUGIC 2017 Budapest is the excellent Jim McClelland, Sustainable Futurist.

Day 1  Wednesday 29 November

9.00 Session 1 | Welcome to EUGIC 2017 hosted by the City of Budapest

  • Dr Balázs Szeneczey Budapest Deputy Mayor for Environment & Development | Welcome to Budapest
  • Vera Enzi Green For Grey / Grün Statt Grau | Impacts of EUGIC 2015 Vienna 
  • Dusty Gedge President of the EFB – European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations, Director of | Overview of EUGIC 2017 Budapest


9.30 Session 2 | Climate Change, Cities and Green Infrastructure

Exemplar urban green infrastructure projects for adaptation and nature.

  • Laura Gatti Studio Laura Gatti Landscape | From the Bosco Verticale to Nanjing Vertical Forest Towers
  • Gary Grant Green Infrastructure Consultancy | Nature in the City
  • Ronan Uhel Head of Programme, Natural Systems & Sustainability, European Environmental Agency | Green infrastructure benefits and urban policies: synergies and conflicts – some European experience
  • Marco Fritz Lead on nature-based solutions, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission | Research and innovation for adaptation and nature in cities

Panel discussion and Q&A

10.30 Morning Break

11.00 Session 3 | The Benefits of Urban Green Infrastructure 

Hosted by Rita Mayrhofer, Biotope City

Nature-based solutions for sustainable cities – from health and well-being benefits, food growing, and vertical farms to air quality, urban cooling and stormwater management.

  • Holger Robrecht ICLEI Europe – Local Governments for Sustainability | Sustainable cities and the benefits of green infrastructure to reach our goals
  • Bernhard Scharf BOKU University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Vienna | The urban heat island and how to cope with it through urban green infrastructure?
  • Nadja Kabisch Humboldt University, Berlin | Co-benefits of urban green infrastructure for social well-being
  • Daniel Podmirseg Vertical Farming Institute | Urban green infrastructure and food
  • Rita Mayrhofer Biotope City | Planning a Biotope City

Panel discussion and Q&A

12.30 Lunch and Exhibition

1.30 Session 4 | Horizon 2020 – Next Generation Nature-Based Solutions for Cities

The past, present and future of Horizon 2020 urban green infrastructure projects, implemented nature-based solutions. What can we learn from each other?

H2020 and NBS projects and presenters include:

  • László Pintér NATURVATION, Central European University and the IISD | Transdisciplinary approaches and partnerships for urban nature-based solutions
  • Flóra Szkordilisz Nature4Cities and MUTK | A pan-European platform for nature-based solutions
  • Mihai-Răzvan Niță EKLIPSEThe Eklipse GI Framework Report – Accounting beyond benefits in the evolution of nature-based solutions
  • Carlo Calfapietra Institute of Agro-Environmental & Forest Biology (IBAF) National Research Council (CNR) | Main lessons for H2020 UGI projects from EKLIPSE NBS Assessment Framework & GreenInUrbs project
  • Marcus Collier Trinity College Dublin, Connecting Nature & TURAS Mobile Green Living Room | Innovating with Nature-based Solutions
  • Lilit Khachatryan CENS Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies NAS RA Armenia | H2020 Connecting Nature

Email EUGIC 2017 to propose your H2020 project participation

3.30 Afternoon Break

4.00 Session 5 | Meet The Industry – Speed Dating!

  • Introduction by Manfred Peritsch, Innovations Management | Urban green infrastructure markets
  • Industry Speed Dating | An interactive and exciting new session – meet the companies, designers and project drivers, the people behind the businesses and the projects implementing urban green infrastructure across Europe


5.00 Session 6 | Graffiti Wall and Feedback

5.30 Close of Day 1, what’s ahead in Day 2


Day 1 Evening Programme


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Day 2 Thursday 30 November 


9.00 Session 7 | Introduction to Day 2 | Keynote presentation

Dusty Gedge President of the EFB, | A greener vision for cities in Europe

9.30 Session 8 | Cities: Where are they and where do they want to be?

Green infrastructure innovations in:

  • London – Peter Massini Head of Urban Greening, Greater London Authority | London’s green infrastructure strategy
  • Paris – Marc Barra Natureparif | Paris Zero Pesticide Mission
  • Budapest – Kinga Szilágyi and Zsombor Tatai Budapest City Planning Department | Urban Green Infrastructure Development Concept – towards a GREEN BUDAPEST
  • Wroclaw – Małgorzata Bartyna-Zielińska Wroclaw City Gardener | The role of the City Gardener in promoting and implementing nature-based solutions in Wroclaw
  • Vienna – Jürgen Preiss City of Vienna Environmental Department | Vienna Urban Heat Islands Strategy Plan and implementation

Panel discussion and reflections from the audience

11.00 Morning Break

11.30 Session 9 | Delivering Nature in Cities

  • Dominic Regester Salzburg Global Seminar IUCN Partner | The Parks for Planet Program: health benefits especially for children
  • Simon Peter Czech Green Roof Association | Recent Czech urban green infrastructure projects
  • Dr Gyongyver Kadas Kadas Green Roof Ecology Research Center | Biodiversity on London’s green roofs
  • Péter Dezsenyi Deep Forest Landscape, Budapest | Green infrastructure and multinationals – private UGI investment in urban biodiversity
  • Anna Waibel Naturvielfalt in der Gemeinde | Nature diversity in the municipality – a prizewinning programme of the state of Vorarlberg, Austria

Panel discussion and Q&A

12.30 Session 10 | Pecha Kucha | Introduction to the Story Corner afternoon workshops

1.00 Lunch and Exhibition

2.00 Session 11A | Story Corner 1 City-Scale Projects and Tools

Nature-based solutions for cities – green roofs, walls and rain gardens, street trees, permeable surfaces SUDS, swales and more! Short panel presentations followed by detailed discussions.

  • Erich Steiner Swiss Green Infrastructure Association | New Swiss Spatial Planning Act and its mpact on Urban Greenery
  • Paulo Palha, Beatriz Castiglione Portuguese Green Roof Association | Urban Green Infrastructure in Porto – The Fifth Façade Project
  • Doris Schnepf Green4Cities | The City Green Pass


2.00 Session 11B | Story Corner 2 Mapping and Evaluation of Urban Green Infrastructure

Valuing urban green infrastructure – green infrastructure assets and audits, quality control, assessment, evaluation and project certification.

  • Irena Niedźwiecka-Filipiak Head of Institute of Landscape Architecture, Wrocław University of Environmental & Life Sciences | The green infrastructure network project in Wrocław Functional Area – first step to implementation
  • Dr Rosi Stangl BOKU University of Life Sciences Vienna | Mapping of GI Green Roof and Living Wall Assessment Vienna Kretaviertel
  • Dusty Gedge | Mapping urban green infrastructure in UK cities
  • Dr Manfred Köhler World Green Infrastructure Network | Topic tbc


2.45 Session 12 | Story Corner 3 – Neighbourhoods, Nature & Community

Communities working together for healthy, resilient neighbourhoods, community-led local planning and design, creating productive living and working spaces for cities

  • John Little Grass Roof Company | Creating modular business for urban green infrastructure
  • Leila Tolderlund College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado Denver, USA | Involving unlike stakeholders to enable innovation in green infrastructure design
  • Monika Kotulak CEEweb for Biodiversity | CEEweb Natura 2000 urban nature-based solution projects
  • Dr Bente Knoll B-NK GmbH Consultancy for Sustainable Competence, Austria | Green infrastructure at school requires communication. Setting up engagement processes at two schools in Vienna – first experiences
  • Helen Taylor Hosta Consulting, UK | UGI progress since Vienna 2015
  • Chris Bridgman Bridgman & Bridgman | A landscape contractor’s perspective of delivering green infrastructure (UK)


3.30 Afternoon Break


3.45 Session 13 | Story Corner 3 – Neighbourhoods, Nature & Community

  • Sven Schulz Business & Biodiversity, Global Nature Fund | Greening industrial parks
  • Andy Graham Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust | SUDS for Schools programme
  • Dave Mulholland Mullholland Consultants | Heathrow Terminal Five – a green interchange
  • Theresa Steininger Wohnwagon | Green roof water filtering system
  • Ester Blaimschein and Simone Rongitsch k.a.r.l.s concept, Austria | Creating productive living spaces for cities


4.30 Session 14 | World Cafe Synthesis – gathering the threads and creating a green tapestry 

Group discussions and feedback in the main hall:

  • What are the key urban green infrastructure successes?
  • What challenges still remain?
  • What key themes have emerged from EUGIC 2017?
  • What next?


5.30 End