EUGIC 2017 Video Interviews

Over the course of two days in Budapest, local filmmakers Eco Logical Films interviewed and recorded some of the key EUGIC 2017 Budapest presenters about their hopes and actions for greener cities in Europe.

Dusty Gedge: EUGIC Co-Chair, President of the EFB European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations, Director of and of the Green Infrastructure Consultancy


Holger Robrecht, Deputy Regional Director of ICLEI Europe


Péter Dezsényi, President of ZEOSZ Hungary Green Infrastructure Association, Executive Director of Deep Forest Hungary


Kelai Diebel, Architect, UPFARMING


John Little, Greenspace Manager of Clapton Park Estate Hackney, Director of the Grass Roof Company, Green Roof Training and Green Roof Shelters


Dr Carlo Calfapietra Institute of Agro-Environmental & Forest Biology (IBAF), National Research Council (CNR)


Jim McClelland, EUGIC Chair, Sustmeme


Gary Grant, Director, Green Infrastructure Consultancy


Monika Kotulak, CEEweb for Biodiversity