Session 4 | Horizon 2020 Session

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This session focuses on past and present European projects on urban green infrastructure and nature-based solutions come together to reflect on and showcase activities in cities, by businesses and in the research arena and outline steps towards a (realistic) greener future in European cities.

The session is led by Nature4Cities, NATURVATION and CONNECTING Nature, with support from Think Nature

Input 1 | Experiences and lessons learned from previous projects | GreenInUrbs Dr Carlo Calfapietra Institute of Agro-Environmental & Forest Biology (IBAF), National Research Council (CNR)

Input 2 | EKLIPSE Framework Report NBS | Connecting H2020 Projects Dr Mihai-Răzvan Niță University of Bucharest and Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies

Input 3 | 1,000 Case Studies from 100 European Cities | NATURVATION Database Prof László Pintér Central European University and the IISD

Short Q&A

2.10 – 2.30 | Introduction to the five H2020 Story Corners on the main stage

2.30 – 3.30 | The diversity of activities on nature-based solution in Europe, through five H2020 Story Corners with stakeholders from city authorities, businesses and the research community

Story Corner 1 | Can nature-based solutions deliver what we hope for? Looking at what has been done in cities and ways of assessing nature-based solutions

Nature4Cities Flóra Szkordilisz MUTK Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre, and NATURVATION Attila Katona EIT Climate-KIC and PhD at CEU | Detailed presentation of NATURVATION’s database of over 1,000 nature-based solutions, and Nature4Cities indicator catalogue to help assess the impact of nature-based solutions and their applicability

Story Corner 2 | What can we do better in implementing nature-based solutions? Reflections and recommendations from work so far

EKLIPSE Dr Mihai-Răzvan Niță University of Bucharest and Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies, and GreeninUrbs Carlo Calfapietra Institute of Agro-Environmental & Forest Biology (IBAF), National Research Council (CNR) | Lessons learnt from studying and implementing nature-based solutions across Europe.

Story Corner 3 | Off to new adventures! Exploring the next generation of European nature-based solutions projects

CONNECTING Nature Dr Marcus Collier Trinity College Dublin and TURAS Mobile Green Living Room, and Lilit Khachatryan Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies Armenia | Eleven cities taking the lead in developing and implementing nature-based solutions with the support of researchers.

Story Corner 4 | How can we make nature-based solutions happen?  Cities, businesses and researchers share their way of realising nature-based solutions together

ICLEI Europe Alice Reil and Holger Robrecht | Opportunities and challenges of joining forces to find and implement the ‘right’ nature-based solutions locally.


Story Corner 5 | Wellbeing in cities through nature-based solutions: is it possible to improve? Is it possible to measure?

Urban GreenUP Raúl Sánchez Francés, Nuria García CARTIF Foundation, Clare Olver The Mersey Forest | How can we monitor wellbeing due to nature-based solutions in cities? How can we monetize wellbeing related to green infrastructure in our cities?

‘Harvest’ and Q&A