Session 13 | The Big Real Estate Debate: Green Infrastructure means business

13.30 Session 13 | The Big Real Estate Debate: Green Infrastructure means business.

Chair: Prof Andrew Edkins Director of The Bartlett Real Estate Institute

Panel: Speakers from development, investment and property management, including

This session aims to explore and discuss some of the opportunities and challenges of adopting a green infrastructure approach, for real estate developers, investors and managers.

What are the pushes and pulls that didn’t exist 50, 20, even 5 years ago? Client demand? Policy and regulatory frameworks? Society awareness and media coverage? The supply chain infrastructure to deliver nature-based solutions – the suppliers, designers, investors and insurers?

What benefits might accrue to the real estate sector? What costs and challenges exist? What responses might portfolio managers, investors and developers have to green infrastructure as an approach? Why are some embracing it as the way to go? What changes, policies, strategies and partnerships might be needed to help real estate deliver a greener urban fabric?

14.30 | Break and EUGIC 2019 London Exhibition