Session 11 | Outside the Silos – sharing nature-based solutions between the sectors

11.00 |Session 11 | Outside the Silos – sharing nature-based solutions between sectors

This is a new session of discussions – between landscape and building designers, biodiversity and health professionals, contractors, gardeners, green space managers and food growers – to share knowledge and experience ‘outside the silo’.

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Grouping 3
  • Nick White Senior Adviser, Net Gain and Green Infrastructure, Natural England | Net Gain and Growing Urban Natural Capital
  • Audrey Muratet Agence Regionale de Biodiversite Ile-de-France | Urban green roof ecology – Biodiversity Protocols in the Paris Region
  • Helen Taylor Hosta Consulting | The largest intensive green roof in Nottingham
  • Chris Bridgman Bridgman & Bridgman LLP | Delivering a green roof for people and wildlife on IKEA’s new green roof in London
Grouping 4
  • Reinhilde Schmit City of Antwerp | Antwerp’s Garden Street Project – Co-creating a garden street
  • Dr Tijana Blanusa RHS Wisley and University of Reading | Humble Hedges – Many Green Infrastructure Benefits
  • Dr Phoebe Carter Habitat First Group – Making space for nature: building for biodiversity | Delivering ecology in an urban neighbourhood
  • Taina Suonio Fifth Dimension – Green Roofs in Urban Areas research group, University of Helsinki
Grouping 5
  • Dobromira Lulcheva Landscape Design Studio, Bulgaria | ‘Blur’ the boundaries and spill nature in the city: urban Green Infrastructure projects from Bulgaria
  • Dr Leila Tolderlund Assoc Chair of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado, Denver | Green Infrastructures/NBS and Immersive Practices to Grow Landscape Democracy
  • Dr Tom Young Technology Manager, STRI Group | Green Roof Substrate – The most important layer in the green roof viennetta
  • Dr Mario Balzan Institute of Applied Sciences, MCAST Malta | Green infrastructure and ecosystem services monitoring in Malta
Grouping 6
Grouping 7
  • Paulo Palha Neoturf and ANCV Portuguese Green Roof Association | Developing new products for green roofs
  • Gary Grant Green Infrastructure Consultancy | Delivering biodiversity on green roofs in Cambridge – David Attenborough Building (Cambridge Conservation Initiative) Green Roofs and Green Wall
  • Mark Nieuwenhuijsen Director of Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative, IS Global Barcelona Global Institute of Public Health | Links between urban green infrastructure and health
  • Vera Enzi GrünStattGrau | Quo vadis Green Walls? Delivering smart green walls in Austria
Grouping 8
  • David Mooney Development Director of the London Wildlife Trust | Delivering biodiversity on major developments in London
  • Richard Scott Director of the National Wildflower Centre | More colours than green – Landlife’s work on seeds, wildflowers and meadows in the UK
  • Dr Maurizio Crasso Harpo and President of AIVEP the Italian Green Roof Association | Italian Green roof norms – relevant across Southern Europe and with climate change lessons to be learnt for the North
  • Clare Olver Programmes Manager, The Mersey Forest | Physical activity in green spaces as nature-based solutions to improve mental and physical health
Grouping 9
  • Raúl Sánchez and Nuria Garcia, Cartif Foundation, Spain | Methodologies to measure wellbeing related to nature-based solutions and re-naturing experiences – the sensorial trip toward well-being through NBS
  • Nora Danko Urban Greening Initiatives Coordinator, City of Antwerp | Building Green – Taking forward Antwerp’s City Lab Programme
  • Prof Julián Briz Founder PRONATUR, Director WGIN and EFB, and Prof Isabel de Felipe itdUPM and Director PRONATUR | Urban food growing in cities in Spain