Session 14 | Valuing green infrastructure – understanding the benefits of nature

15.00 | Valuing green infrastructure – understanding the benefits of nature

14A & 14B | Water Sensitive Cities (1)  and (2)

How do we design for nature and water, how can green infrastructure benefit water management? What are the developments delivering good water sensitive urban design? The challenges, successes and lessons learned on delivering SUDS, rain gardens, water sensitive cities… What does a water sensitive city look like from your perspective and what do we need to get there?

14A | Water Sensitive Cities (1)

Chaired by Gary Grant Director of the Green Infrastructure Consultancy


14B | Water Sensitive Cities (2)

Chaired by Paul Shaffer of CIRIA Susdrain Programme


14C | Financing nature-based solutions

What is the value of natural capital and where is the money coming from to pay for it? The challenges, the successes and new finance mechanisms for green infrastructure projects and nature-based solutions. What will green infrastructure financing look like in ten years and what is needed to get there?

Chaired by Agamemnon Otero MBE Founding Director of Energy Garden and Repowering 


14D | Tools for assessing and monitoring green infrastructure

What tools and approaches are being used to monitor and assess green infrastructure delivery and its effectiveness for city climate adaptation? What are the challenges, successes and lessons learned and how are results used to refine the model? What tools are needed in different situations and what do we need to integrate monitoring and assessment of nature-based solutions into city management, research and industry training?

Chaired by Dusty Gedge, with