Session 6 | Horizon 2020 Urban Green Infrastructure Workshops

15.15 | Horizon 2020 Urban Green Infrastructure Workshops

EU-funded programmes and projects to share findings on strategies, concepts and implementation greening Europe’s cities.

Including Horizon 2020 projects CLEVER CitiesURBAN GreenUPNature 4 Cities, Naturvation, Grow Green and ReNature

15.15pm | Session 6A | The EU-funded H2020 Programme for Nature-Based Solutions for Cities

collaborative processes across Europe to green cities for climate change adaptation, resilience and health – an overview of aims, delivery, advocacy, research and communication processes, with reference to some of key projects

Chaired by McKenna Davis of the Ecologic Institute Berlin with Robin Dagois Nature4Cities, Raúl Sánchez and Nuria Garcia URBAN GreenUP and Dr Mario Balzan ReNature

15.50pm | Find your Horizon2 020 Project session

16.00pm | Session 6B | Horizon 2020 Projects in workshops

URBAN GreenUP – Raúl Sánchez and Nuria García CARTIF Foundation

Nature 4 Cities – Robin Dagois Chargé de Mission at Plante & Cité

Naturvation – Dr Caroline Nash Sustainable Research Institute UEL, Dr Laura Tozer University of Durham

Grow Green – Catherine Fallon Landscape Architect, Manchester City Council 

CLEVER Cities – Nicola Murphy-Evans Greater London Authority – CLEVER Cities: how can nature provide solutions to urban challenges and help create much more liveable neighbourhoods?

ReNature – Dr Mario Balzan Institute of Applied Sciences, MCAST Malta – ReNature: Promoting research excellence in nature-based solutions for innovation, sustainable economic growth and human well-being in Malta.