Horizon 2020 Session

The Horizon 2020 Projects are creating some of the most exciting, cutting edge nature-based solutions for cities. This session will focus on the detail of some of the Horizon 2020 and other nature-based solutions projects.

Day 1 | 29 November 2017

Session 4 | Horizon 2020 projects and other EU nature-based solutions and green infrastructure projects

Session Focus: Past and present European projects on urban green infrastructure and nature-based solutions come together to reflect on and showcase activities in cities, by businesses and in the research arena and outline steps towards a (realistic) greener future in European cities.

Session Leaders: Nature4Cities, NATURVATION and Connecting Nature, with support from Think Nature

H2020 Session – PART I                                                                                     

1.30 – 2.10 |Three perspectives on the past and present of nature-based solutions in European cities

Target: Look back at the lessons learnt from past European urban green infrastructure projects, understand how we can grasp the impact of nature-based solutions on the ground and be inspired by the wide variety already in our cities.

Input 1 | What did we learn? Experiences from GreenInUrbs  | GreenInUrbs Carlo Calfapietra Institute of Agro-Environmental & Forest Biology (IBAF), National Research Council (CNR)

Input 2 | What do we know and how can we assess nature-based solutions better? Overview of the EKLIPSE Mechanism  | EKLIPSE  Dr Mihai-Răzvan Niță University of Bucharest and Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies

Input 3 | What is out there already? Examining nature-based solutions in more than 100 European cities  | NATURVATION Database Prof László Pintér Central European University and the IISD

Short Q&A

H2020 Session – PART II 

2.10 – 2.30 |Introduction to the five H2020 Story Corners on the main stage

2.30 – 3.30 |The diversity of activities on nature-based solution in Europe, through five H2020 Story Corners with stakeholders from city authorities, businesses and the research community

Target: To share in-depth examples from key H2020 and nature-based solutions projects, to guide future cities‘ development and provide direction for business, research and city collaboration.

Project Input: 10 minutes presentation, 30 minutes of discussion and exchange, followed by ‘harvest’, with materials from the session displayed on the Graffiti Wall during the afternoon break.

Focus: Recommendations from past projects, project plans to implement and measure the impact of nature-based solutions, the interactive knowledge platforms available on urban green infrastructure and the experiences of cities, businesses and researchers collaborating to make nature-based solutions a reality.

Format: Story Corner with poster/flipchart and audience.

Moderators:  Vera Enzi, Nature4Cities, and Alice Reil, ICLEI.

Five H2020 and nature-based solutions Stories:

Story Corner 1 | Can nature-based solutions deliver what we hope for? Looking at what has been done in cities and ways of assessing nature-based solutions

Hosts: Nature4Cities Flóra Szkordilisz MUTK Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre, and NATURVATION Attila Katona Central European University

Content: Introduction of three NATURVATION case studies from Hungary, and the application of the Nature4Cities nature-based solutions indicator catalogue to help assess their impact

Short description: In Story Corner 1, the two projects Nature4Cities and NATURVATION, funded by the European Commission, will showcase the concept and diversity of urban nature-based solutions, based on assessments of more than 1,000 nature-based solutions in more than 100 European cities and integrating them into a forthcoming database. Nature4Cities will showcase how they plan to assess the impact of nature-based solutions on the ground. Both projects will discuss to what extent these approaches are applicable in real life – and give cities the information they need to pave the way for sustainable nature-based solutions.

Story Corner 2 | What can we do better in implementing nature-based solutions? Reflections and recommendations from work so far

Hosts: EKLIPSE Dr Mihai-Răzvan Niță University of Bucharest and Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies, and GreeninUrbs Carlo Calfapietra Institute of Agro-Environmental & Forest Biology (IBAF), National Research Council (CNR)

Content: Lessons learnt from studying and implementing nature-based solutions across Europe.

Short description: In Story Corner 2, lessons learnt from past and current urban green infrastructure projects will help formulate recommendations for ongoing and future projects on nature-based solutions. Reflecting on approaches, opportunities and challenges of implementing nature-based solutions.

Story Corner 3 | Off to new adventures! Exploring the next generation of European nature-based solutions projects

Hosts: CONNECTING Nature Marcus Collier Trinity College Dublin and TURAS Mobile Green Living Room, and Lilit Khachatryan Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies Armenia

Content11 cities taking the lead in developing and implementing nature-based solutions with the support of researchers.

Short Description:  In Story Corner 3, cities and project leaders will outline plans for realising nature-based solutions on the ground, building the capacity and knowledge of other European cities and businesses and advancing science for better decision-making.

Story Corner 4 | How can we make nature-based solutions happen?  Cities, businesses and researchers share their way of realising nature-based solutions together

Host: ICLEI Europe Holger Robrecht Deputy Regional Director and Alice Reil Climate Resilience Team

Content: Opportunities and challenges of joining forces to find and implement the ‘right’ NBS locally

Short Description: In Story Corner 4, European cities and businesses share their experiences of implementing green infrastructure. The City of Wroclaw and Natureparif outline how they identify the need for nature-based solutions, whilst Sempergreen outlines its strategy of providing fitting solutions and turning them into a business model. Team London Bridge, a business improvement district, shares how they try to convey the importance of urban green to its business partners. The challenges and drivers of collaborating will also be discussed to understand how cities and businesses collaborate to find the ‘right’ nature-based solutions locally, which businesses in turn can help to create.

With: Jack Skillen, Team London Bridge BID, UK; Joost de Gier, Sempergreen, Netherlands; Małgorzata Bartyna-Zielińska, City of Wroclaw, Poland; Marc Barra, Natureparif, France. Organised by: Alice Reil and Holger Robrecht, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, in cooperation with RESIN, NATURVATION and Connecting Nature

Story Corner 5 | Wellbeing in cities through nature-based solutions: is it possible to improve? Is it possible to measure?

How can we monitor wellbeing due to nature-based solutions in cities? How can we monetize wellbeing related to green infrastructure in our cities?

Hosts: Urban GreenUP Raúl Sánchez Francés and Nuria García CARTIF Foundation, Clare Olver The Mersey Forest

Content: Mechanisms to link urban well-being and green infrastructure. Tools to identify, assess and monitor how nature-based solutions can improve wellbeing in cities.

Short description: In Story Corner 6, we will discuss bringing together the different mechanisms and methodologies that associate green infrastructure with urban wellbeing. In this way, it will be possible to know how a city can improve living conditions through nature-based solutions, making the city a more liveable place, bearing in mind the improvements delivered by ecosystem services and how it is possible to value this improvement economically.


20 minutes of  ‘harvest’ and Q&A

Expected output from H2020 Session

Past and present European projects on urban green infrastructure and nature-based solutions come together to reflect on and showcase activities in cities, by businesses and in the research arena and outline steps towards a (realistic) greener future in European cities.

Harvests of the Story Corners are added to the conference´s Graffiti Wall for discussion and are further discussed in the finance- and business-related Session 5: Emerging Markets and Industry Speed Dating 4.00pm – 5.30pm