The Greater London Authority – Green Infrastructure Vision for the City

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Peter Massini, the Principal Policy Officer for Green Infrastructure at the Greater London Authority talks about the city’s strategic approach to Urban Greening.

Peter Massini – The Video

Peter Massini was a keynote speaking at the EUGIC Conference in Vienna in 2015.In this video he explains how London is taking UGI forward. The main thrust is that GLA is embracing the need to see green infrastructure as conventional infrastructure.

London UGI

The Green Infrastructure Task Force has recently published, ‘Natural Capital: Investing in green infrastructure for a future London.’

This strategic report sets out the of UGI vision. The British capital will embrace green infrastructure to maintain the cities health, economy and vitality.

Budapest 2017 provides a platform to update the London Story

The Budapest conference will include a section on major cities in Europe. With this in mind we are pleased that Peter will be at the event.  This will provide an opportunity to update delegates in detail on where the city is going.

Since 2015, the capital of the UK has a new mayor. Therefore the administration will be undertaking a review of existing strategies and plans. In addition to his work on the future new London Plan, Peter will be able update delegates on the new Mayor’s new Environment strategy.

EUGIc organiser Dusty Gedge notes: ‘I was recently in Orvieto at the Greeninurbs conference. The head of ICLEI noted that London was one of the cities that is really embracing UGI. Of course as a Londoner was pleased to hear this. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the city’s administration is relatively new one, compared to most cities in Europe. And other metropolitan areas in the UK will also be forming similar administrations over the next two years. In light of this change in how cities are run strategically, it is likely that many of these metro mayor districts will take on UGI in a similar way.’

As a major conurbation with major issues to address, EUGIC is pleased to have Peter speaking again.   So to hear London’s evolving urban green infrastructure story register for the conference.

Dusty Gedge