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Laura Gatti of the Bosco Verticale talks EUGIC 2017

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In the shadow of the Bosco Verticale, Laura talks EUGIC 2017…

A video interview with Laura Gatti in the shadow of the Bosco Verticale in Milan. Laura was a keynote speaker at the EUGIC Vienna 2015 conference. Laura has agreed to be a keynote speaker again at EUGIC 2017 in Budapest. Her talk will focus on her continuing work on green infrastructure on buildings. She will also set out the vision for the Green Rivers Project in Milan. This is a vision of green infrastructure across the city which has been devised by Stefanio Boeri.

Style of the EUGIC Conferences

To summarise Laura’s key point about the EUGIC series, the style of the event is what makes EUGIC work for Laura.  The programme is designed to be very interactive. Likewise It is important that delegates can be both be inspired by keynote speakers, but also interact with as many people as possible. From plenary sessions, to small workshops on specific themes networking and sharing ideas is key to the EUGIC experience.

Bosco Verticale – Milan’s inspiration is spreading around the globe.

Although the video was filmed in the shadow of the Bosco Verticale, a video of the building itself will follow soon on Furthermore, the Bosco will feature in a podcast episode of ‘Adventures in Green Infrastructure’. Stefanio Boeri and Laura Gatti are also working on further projects like the Bosco particularly in Switzerland and China.