Setting out a Vision for Greener Cities in Europe

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Setting out a vision for Greener Cities in Europe, the EFB (European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations) published a White Paper and market report in 2015. As the principal sponsor of the 1st European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) in Vienna, all participants received the market report included in the conference brochure. The report itself is downloadable here

Video on the Market Report and Views from Federation Members

The EFB responding to Europe Green Infrastructure Strategy

The publication was undertaken in response to the EU’s Green Infrastructure & Ecosystem Services (GI/ES) Strategy. Commission officers intimated that a White Paper and market report would be useful for the various participants in Brussels to understand the existing market in Green Infrastructure on buildings.

The market report provides an overview of the Federation members and how our industry links to various EU strategies, from the GI/ES strategy to policies on climate change and well-being. Although there is a focus in Brussels on new innovations and businesses to drive the European economy, Europe is already a world leader in green roofs and walls. The Federation believes that we also need new innovations in approaches to cities through innovative services that develop policies and mechanisms to mainstream our industry across the whole of Europe.

The EFB Vision for European Cities

The EFB White Paper sets out a vision for green roofs and walls in Europe:

‘The European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls believes that socially, environmentally and economically, it is not unreasonable to have a vision:

For every urban citizen within the Union there will 
be 5 mof green roof or wall by 2030

Considering that two-thirds of the population of the European Union dwells in the Urban Environment, that equates to a population of 365 million people. The Federation considers that lack of urban green space in our cities can be addressed by our industry. If all urban citizens by 2030 were to have at least 5 m2 of green roofs or walls each, this would lead to an additional 1,82 Billion m2 of green roofs and walls in Europe. Using current prices, the green roof and wall market would be worth in the region of €62 Billion. Of course this figure is likely to be much higher as by 2030 the urban population will have grown further.’


The EFB helping to make cities in Europe Greener

Dusty Gedge