Agamemnon Otero MBE, Founder, Energy Garden & Repowering London

Agamemnon is experienced in providing financial and governance solutions for the energy sector including project development, management and operations. He was a founding director of many initiatives such as Community Energy England, Brixton Energy, Banister House, Vauxhall Energy, and is currently project managing London’s largest community owned solar and green project, Energy Garden. Previously he was Director for Renewable Energy Project Finance and Social Responsibility at a financial institution and CFO for a renewable energy trading company. A speaker on sustainable low carbon economies, Agamemnon has a Master’s degree in Architecture: Advanced Environment & Energy and a Baccalaureate in Pre-Medicine, Literature and Fine Arts.

Throughout my career, I have pursued a diverse range of projects that prioritise and promote community wellbeing. As a director for finance and energy companies, I have developed holistic solutions that enable social, environmental and economic returns. Together with our amazing team,  Repowering Ltd  is delivering energy resilience to London communities. Recognised not only by Awards from KPMG, Sustainable Housing, Ashden, British Renewable Energy Association, but most importantly by the people who live on these estates, who together with us are creating local energy in its two forms: renewable power and people power.

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