Audrey Muratet, Ecologist, Regional Agency for Biodiversity, Île-de-France

With a PhD in ecology from the Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, Audrey has been studying and exploring for more than fifteen years the diversity, composition and dynamics of urban biodiversity. Her main interests cover the study of invasive species, the role of urban wastelands, green roofs, the impact of pesticides on biodiversity, and the evaluation of landscape connectivity in human populated areas, especially the region of Paris.

Her research also stresses the importance of human perception in urban ecology and conservation, claiming for more collaboration between ecologists and social scientists. Finally, she is very much involved in designing and promoting citizen science programs.

She conducted her research at the Centre for Ecology and Conservation Sciences, National Museum of Natural History. She then developed applications of her work within the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis and now the Regional Agency of Biodiversity in Île-de-France (ARB îdF).