Domenico D’Alessandro, D’Alessandro & Associates

Domenico D’Alessandro, of D’Alessandro & Associates, Chicago, IL, has special interest in urban ecology and regenerative designs for water quality management and habitat creation within the urban context, e.g. ‘The Chicago River Fish Hotel’ (2005), a landmark project for a downtown river corridor. Domenico’s innovative designs adapt built structures into functioning ecosystems. He also promotes understanding nature through art and incorporates interactive educational information that includes artistic elements, what he terms ‘transparency of design’.

Domenico has developed a concept for public environmental awareness using advertising strategies. He produces illustrated journals based on nature observations – personal ‘songlines’ in his home territory. Domenico holds degrees in Fine Arts (Firenze) and Landscape Architecture (MLA Guelph). He has exhibited paintings, photography, sculpture and installation work and published articles, essays, short stories, poetry; was Toronto editor of Vice Versa, a Canadian multicultural magazine. He has presented his work at national and international conferences. His work was recognized in the international category at the Integrative Habitat Design Competition – 2012, London, UK, and has garnered Chicago Wilderness and USEPA awards for his clients. Currently Domenico is promoting a more generous and open participation beyond traditional professional silos for solutions to the climate change crisis.