Jo Deketelaere, founder of Greenbeat AS, Norway

Jo Deketelaere started his career in international business development for large utilities focussing on climate mitigation, environmental policies and investment in low carbon emitting technologies.

Believing strongly that green infrastructure is an important climate adaptation tool and that we need to bring nature back to create cities where people enjoy living, Jo started his own company Greenbeat to develop a smart blue-green roof.

A first project funded by H2020 OrganiCity showed that green roofs have a hard time in periods of extended droughts as observed in spring and summer 2018 and served as a start for automated watering of green roofs.

Jo joined forces with two other companies: Sumaqua, a spin-out of Leuven University Belgium, who tested smart green roofs in Antwerp, and Agilis, a Norwegian ICT company. The consortium is currently developing ‘RainBrain, the smart blue-green roof’, and has received funding from H2020 SynchroniCity.

RainBrain combines sensors and weather data with predictive models to detect the watering needs of vegetation, automates watering by re-using grey water, and empties water reservoirs proactively when heavy rainfall is predicted, to create more storage capacity.

Jo lives in Oslo, Norway and holds a master’s degree in business engineering from the University of Brussels.