Pierre Darmet, IBPC/CIBI, Les Jardins de Gally and BiodiverCity

Pierre Darmet is Head of Marketing and Development at Les Jardins de Gally, a historic farm close to Paris, France, being nowadays the French leader in urban landscaping for companies, both indoor and outdoor. The company, which started in Versailles, is fully involved in the urban agriculture movement. It has also developed a leadership in urban biodiversity.

Pierre was involved in the creation of the International Biodiversity and Property Council (IBPC, CIBI in French), which brings together stakeholders of living buildings and districts – constructors, real estate professionals, ecologists, nature protection associations, architects and landscapers, gardeners, city councils, etc.

As General Secretary, Pierre helped develop BiodiverCity, a label now applied to one hundred projects. He drives the influence and communication of the association, with a strategy linking biodiversity to climate change: demonstrating ecosystem services of green infrastructure for resilience, such as water management and cooling the urban heat island.

The association supports public and private actors to campaign for a ‘new green deal’.