Reinhilde Schmit, Coordinator urban development in public space, City of Antwerp

In 2014 Reinhilde started as project leader at the department ‘public space’ for the city of Antwerp. For the large part her projects are regenerations of streets and squares situated in the inner city. More recently there has been a shift amongst both citizens and policy makers towards the implementation of green and blue infrastructure in public investments. But there is also still much work to be done.

As part of the core team of ‘Climate robust St. Andries’, a collective of both citizens and municipality staff, she coordinates cocreative and climate adaptive experiments on the neighbourhood scale.

With a background in human geography and urban planning she believes in working with ‘urban labs’ which strengths are to found in innovation, transition and a focus on learning. Practically this means experimenting and working together with a large group of stakeholders in the field. She therefore enthusiastically engages in the ‘garden streets’ pilot project.

Urban Development Department, City of Antwerp