Vera Enzi, Manager, EFB and Grünstattgrau, Director Green4Cities

European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations – EFB, Austrian Green Roof and Living Wall Association VfB, University of Life Sciences BOKU Vienna

Vera Enzi has an MSc in Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture. She used to work in urban green infrastructure research at the University of Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU), currently teaching as an external lecturer. She co-founded Green4Cities, the urban green infrastructure competence center start-up in 2014. As spokeswoman, she represents the European Federation and Austrian Association of Green Roofs and Walls and helped form ÖGREEN in 2016 – the new Austrian Network for Green Infrastructure. She is an international expert in nature-based solutions and green infrastructure such as green roofs, outdoor and indoor green walls, rain gardens and permeable paving.