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The City of Malmö’s Juliet Lidgreen gives her personal reflections on the #EUGIC conference. This is the  second of a series of responses from participants at the 2015 European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) in Vienna. 

Urban green Infrastructure

Juliet’s thoughts
Green Infrastructure Housing Estate Malmö

Looking back at #EUGIC 2015 what made most impact on me was:

The power of one. Obviously we are stronger together and need to join forces to reach are goals concerning the green and blue, may they be local or global, but never underestimate the power of one charismatic, clever and positive person. There were plenty to choose from at the conference but one stuck out in particular, John Little. In his speech, workshop and comments throughout the two days he was a beacon of light and truly inspirational.

KISS, keeping it simple (stupid) in terms of simplifying how we see, work and talk about green issues but, (and this is important), not the green issues themselves. And I can only agree with the person who dared say everything does not fit into a tweet. Here I really appreciated Jaqueline Jobes’s workshop, where she told the story of her thesis, Greening the Grey. And as I myself work within the municipality, I could see the benefits of depicting information in such a clear and simplified way as a model in communicating with both politicians and the public.

Collaboworking, this was also something I pointed out in my speech. Doing the unusual business with the usual suspects. We really need to find new ways which combine collaboration and working towards the same goals. There needs to be an open and eager to learn mind-set that allows us to try new methods and tools. In Malmö for instance we are working with systems thinking, but whatever methods you choose, they need to be cross every possible section/department/faculty and kept as far away from silos as possible.

Can’t wait for the next conference!

Juliet Lidgren, Architect, City of Malmö

Dusty Gedge